royalfuss: (conrad stahp)
Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld ([personal profile] royalfuss) wrote 2017-02-14 06:14 am (UTC)

[Receiving such a personal gift from their first true king is usually only a kind of blessing seen in dreams, but things are a little different here. Wolfram doesn't start digging into the chocolate until after the surprise has mostly worn off. Is this really the new normal? It's still several levels above a possessed king.

Wolfram doesn't ponder too much on what the shapes are supposed to be, and pops a chocolate piece into his mouth. It's chocolate, yes, and some underlying flavors start coming out like...]

Hrk-! [Wolfram slaps both hands over his mouth before his stomach has the chance to protest. One does not simply spit out creations made by the Original King's own hands...!

There's no one in the kitchen to witness him spitting into the garbage, but a demon's pride is a curse sometimes. Wolfram steels himself and swallows it downs with a grimace. He'll just stash the rest in his room and slowly...slowly work on eating them. Maybe.]

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