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Red ([personal profile] gottacatch) wrote in [personal profile] royalfuss 2017-04-08 02:52 am (UTC)


It's easy, Cilan showed me how to cook! And he's got all these books, there's no way we can go wrong!

[ Cilan would be the guy that Red shares this apartment with that he and Wolfram are in now who he would've mentioned already to the blonde-haired guy, and how exactly did they both get in this situation? Wolfram, there for a cooking lesson at Cilan's house?

That would be for [REDACTED] reasons. Also, for showing Wolfram how to cook in time for the festival! Red's patting the top of the few books in the Zephyras category ("Zephyras Baking, Zephyras Foods, Zephyras Delights..."; all with colourful covers and plenty of pictures inside), and then going over to one of the many cupboards in the kitchen, stacked with trays and tins all nice and neat.

Every room in the apartment is modest, clean, but the kitchen does have a slightly packed feeling, where it could turn into a mess in the wrong hands. Not their hands, of course!! And look, Red found the heart-shaped cookie cutters, grinning as he shows them off. ]

What do you think? Do we need these?

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