royalfuss: (how do i do the thing)
Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld ([personal profile] royalfuss) wrote 2017-04-08 03:23 am (UTC)

[The kitchen is a hundred times more stocked than what Wolfram's got in his housing unit here. His housemates - one fiance, one revered sage, and one somehow-living-but-previously-dead king - are not the most elaborate chefs, and Shinou's already come close to killing them once with Valentine's treats. Having a hundred servants to do all this cooking stuff in a royal kitchen sure was the life.

Wolfram doesn't touch anything just yet, as though he's not even sure where to start with all of this. How many cookpots does someone really need?

Heart shaped?]
Yes. We'll use all of them.

[All of them. The most hearts, the better! Wolfram finally does pick up one book out of curiosity, scanning over a few recipes. It still surprises him that he can read whatever text is in front of him in this strange place.]

Are these all common recipes? [AKA what the peasants would eat. No offense.]

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