gottacatch: (wahhup)
Red ([personal profile] gottacatch) wrote in [personal profile] royalfuss 2017-04-08 03:35 am (UTC)

Alright! [ Clank go the cutters as he puts them on the side, and he'll grab those paper cases that small cakes get made in. He'll probably want to make those too, right? Those were like, the basics!

He'll peek a look at the page Wolfram is on with the book though. Common? ]

Mmm... sure! Those look like normal recipes! [ Because common = normal, right. ] They say on them if they're easy or hard. We don't have to start with the easy stuff, [ please do, ] but we'll have to follow the recipe exactly!

[ He's serious!! He kind of rarely bakes cakes or cookies! Though as he says that, he pauses. ]

Why don't we start with pancakes though? They're easy, but they're great! You can put anything with pancakes!

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