gottacatch: (ur oddish)
Red ([personal profile] gottacatch) wrote in [personal profile] royalfuss 2017-04-08 04:17 am (UTC)

...Uhh, pancakes are more for breakfast, or dessert. They're sweet foods. [ ... ] But there is a potato pancake! You make it the same way, in a pan, and you flip from side to side!

[ Add Red making flipping motions here. ]

We can look up a recipe for those ... but you have to start with breakfast first before that. [ And oh gosh please do not let them be stuck cooking all day. He'll take one of those books, one that looks to have the most romantic of covers, and flips to the back to search for pancakes. Pancakes, pancakes... aha, this page!

Flip flip, and he opens it open to a picture of American-style pancakes with berries and syrup. Wowie. ]
What do you think? And look, the ingredient list is small.

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