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It's easy, Cilan showed me how to cook! And he's got all these books, there's no way we can go wrong!

[ Cilan would be the guy that Red shares this apartment with that he and Wolfram are in now who he would've mentioned already to the blonde-haired guy, and how exactly did they both get in this situation? Wolfram, there for a cooking lesson at Cilan's house?

That would be for [REDACTED] reasons. Also, for showing Wolfram how to cook in time for the festival! Red's patting the top of the few books in the Zephyras category ("Zephyras Baking, Zephyras Foods, Zephyras Delights..."; all with colourful covers and plenty of pictures inside), and then going over to one of the many cupboards in the kitchen, stacked with trays and tins all nice and neat.

Every room in the apartment is modest, clean, but the kitchen does have a slightly packed feeling, where it could turn into a mess in the wrong hands. Not their hands, of course!! And look, Red found the heart-shaped cookie cutters, grinning as he shows them off. ]

What do you think? Do we need these?
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Alright! [ Clank go the cutters as he puts them on the side, and he'll grab those paper cases that small cakes get made in. He'll probably want to make those too, right? Those were like, the basics!

He'll peek a look at the page Wolfram is on with the book though. Common? ]

Mmm... sure! Those look like normal recipes! [ Because common = normal, right. ] They say on them if they're easy or hard. We don't have to start with the easy stuff, [ please do, ] but we'll have to follow the recipe exactly!

[ He's serious!! He kind of rarely bakes cakes or cookies! Though as he says that, he pauses. ]

Why don't we start with pancakes though? They're easy, but they're great! You can put anything with pancakes!
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...Uhh, pancakes are more for breakfast, or dessert. They're sweet foods. [ ... ] But there is a potato pancake! You make it the same way, in a pan, and you flip from side to side!

[ Add Red making flipping motions here. ]

We can look up a recipe for those ... but you have to start with breakfast first before that. [ And oh gosh please do not let them be stuck cooking all day. He'll take one of those books, one that looks to have the most romantic of covers, and flips to the back to search for pancakes. Pancakes, pancakes... aha, this page!

Flip flip, and he opens it open to a picture of American-style pancakes with berries and syrup. Wowie. ]
What do you think? And look, the ingredient list is small.
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Uh huh, sure! We've got all the ingredients. [ The flour is just over in this cupboard, labelled an colour coordinated so you can't get it mixed up with the plain flour, and then we just go over here for the milk and eggs...! ] Do you like strawberries? Maybe we should leave those for the cake... oh, you know, we've got some special jams made from berries from my world. How about we try those with the pancakes, and you can use the one you like in your cooking later?

[ Choice! ]
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[ He's nodding, smiling, and now we go to this cupboard that has all the sauces, and the row of jams are quick to pick up and plop down on the counter in Wolfram's direction, all with different shades from the contents inside.

And as Red does- ]
A friend of mine had berries with her when she came here, and she was able to use them to grow more of them, and she's started her own business because of them! This one is called pecha, a sweet jam, and this is a tangy and sweet flavour. But this one, razz berry jam? It's really spicy!

[ A spicy jam, just what everyone needed. ]
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Okay, but you put that on at the end! [ So no, no starting on it now. Red could put the other jars back, but he'll push them away instead, far too lazy to do otherwise. They'll need the room for anything else they've taken out, as long as with the few other smaller bits and pieces that are stated on the recipe.

Are they ready? He looks over everything, close to satisfied, turning his head to Wolfram. ]

Alright, first things first before we start...! [ The most important part--! ] We have to wash our hands!

[ That's right!! So let's get over to the sink and turn that tap, moving the handwash into view. Come on, Wolfram!! ]
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[ Can't believe some of us are ok with the weirdo fashion around here.

Red is always happy to be a plain and boring guy when it comes to attire, and so water and soap are no trouble for him. Once they're done and wiped off the excess water from the available towel, Red hands over an apron for the snazzy guy ("just in case!"), and they will finally get to the fun part. ]

The great part about pancakes is how easy they are to make! And you get a lot out of a recipe. All you need to be careful of is learning how to get the right amount on the scales, [ which are ready, and he's opening the lid of the flour container now, ] and that the batter doesn't stick in the pan once you cook them.

So we need... [ hmm, tracing a finger over to the amount, and he's tapping on the paper. ] This amount! Do you know how to use the scales?

[ There's a bowl on top, numbers at the bottom...! Does it look easy? ]
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The scales. [ He's so used to people never knowing things that he's not even surprised. Instead, he'll just mooove the flour in Wolfram's direction. ]

When you put the flour here, [ patting the dish, ] the stick down here will move with the weight. You want to get it to this number.

[ Tap tap on the plastic. You can do it, Wolfram!! ]
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[ soooo slooooowwww....... ]

You got it! [ Finally. ] You want a tablespoon of baking powder next, [ which Red is going to do, thanks, and then grab another spoon for the sugar, ] and then this amount of sugar. We can copy the recipe later so you can take it with you.

[ Goodbye perfect amount on the scales, but it's all getting poured into a bowl anyway, and then Red's going over to the gas stove, turning it on at a low heat. ] We also need to melt the butter before we add it! But it's quick to do, so I need you to put the amount of butter into the scales that's in the book!

['s a very low heat. ]
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No-! You need to melt it slowly!

[ Let him take that!! Can he take it, ow, please be gentle on his fingers, bowl! ]

We need to use this pan to put the pancakes in anyway, so it'll need to be buttery so the batter doesn't stick! [ Move along into the pan, and okay, he'll turn up the heat now. ] We just need it soft enough when we mix it in! You can do it that way another time, but butter's a pain to melt. You can go too hot and burn it!

[ Things Red Has Done. ]
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You're as impatient as me! [ He's teasing, even if the guy is a lord and blah blah blah. ] You need to stir it so the lumpy hard parts melt too! It doesn't take that long. See? Just take a spoon like this...

[ A wooden spoon or Cilan will cringe internally forever. He's jabbing the bits of butter to make the pieces smaller, helping to smooth them down as well. ]

Wait! There's something you can do. [ oops, he nearly forgot. ] Can you pour the milk into the jug? We can't forget that!
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Loads of times! [ The butter's melted enough, so it gets put onto a new hob to cool while they sort out their powders and flour. ] It's easy and quick once you've done it enough times, and I like to make them for Cilan and everyone.

[ Everyone?? Sounds like too many mouths. But Red continues happily. See these eggs? Break them into the milk! ]

I make other stuff too-- I don't cook a lot, but I know I can make pancakes. And since Cilan works at a restaurant at the same times on the same days, I know if I can surprise him with a breakfast when I'm around. He cooks there and here too, but I like giving him something too. It feels like we're both helping each other.

...but I used to make pancakes too much, so I learned how to make omelettes. And they look just as they should!

[ And definitely not like scrambled eggs. ]
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[ Squinting at that bowl. looks okay. Here's the fork. ] Now you have to whisk them!

[ Chop chop! So Red can keep talking. ]

Not really. I'm away more than I'm around, so I like to make it count when I am here. Cilan likes watching plays too, so if I get back early enough, sometimes I see if there's one on for the day and see if Cilan feels like going! Or I can buy us dinner, and we can go out and eat it by the lake with our pokémon and the porrings.

[ The flour power has a well in the centre. How are those eggs and milk being mixed? ]
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