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RP journal for Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld of the Kyou Kara Maou! series. Want to plot something out? Have suggestions or comments for my playing? List any and all concerns here! Messages can also be sent by PM on this journal or my personal journal. Permissions are generally open; ask for details.

Wolfram was your classic spoiled prince. Youngest son to the former Demon Queen and elite Bielefeld family, Wolfram grew up in a comfortable environment where he could complain as freely as he wanted. Watching his older brothers go to war against the humans while his mother could do little to change the world's conflicts made him irritable and restless. He wanted any chance to wipe humans off the planet and show true pride to the Demon Tribe. That is, until the new half-human half-demon King Yuuri came along and accidentally proposed to him by slapping his left cheek. Whoops.

Despite the embarrassing mixup, Wolfram began to change. His vow to destroy all humans completely flipped and he swore allegiance to Yuuri's ideals in ruling a land free of war and hatred. He adopted a human daughter with Yuuri and showed utmost respect to Yuuri's human parents. What was once a bratty prince was now fully capable of ruling as a peaceful fiance to the King, though he could still be quite a firecracker if Yuuri ever dared to speak to some other woman. Someone had to keep the overly-kind King in check, after all.

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