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IC Contact for Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld. Aligned with Elios.
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Loads of times! [ The butter's melted enough, so it gets put onto a new hob to cool while they sort out their powders and flour. ] It's easy and quick once you've done it enough times, and I like to make them for Cilan and everyone.

[ Everyone?? Sounds like too many mouths. But Red continues happily. See these eggs? Break them into the milk! ]

I make other stuff too-- I don't cook a lot, but I know I can make pancakes. And since Cilan works at a restaurant at the same times on the same days, I know if I can surprise him with a breakfast when I'm around. He cooks there and here too, but I like giving him something too. It feels like we're both helping each other.

...but I used to make pancakes too much, so I learned how to make omelettes. And they look just as they should!

[ And definitely not like scrambled eggs. ]
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[ Squinting at that bowl. looks okay. Here's the fork. ] Now you have to whisk them!

[ Chop chop! So Red can keep talking. ]

Not really. I'm away more than I'm around, so I like to make it count when I am here. Cilan likes watching plays too, so if I get back early enough, sometimes I see if there's one on for the day and see if Cilan feels like going! Or I can buy us dinner, and we can go out and eat it by the lake with our pokémon and the porrings.

[ The flour power has a well in the centre. How are those eggs and milk being mixed? ]
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[ Good enough for Red, really. It'll all be getting mixed up again shortly, like with the butter Red's now bringing over, signalling for Wolfram to put the jug down so he can start tipping it in. ]

It's From The Hearth. Have you heard about it? I know the owners-- they're friends of mine. [ One a particularly good friend. ] They do fancy foods on the menu... so sure, it's romantic! [ Down goes the pan, and Red will mix up the ingredients himself. ] They'll make anything you need! Wine, potatoes, and carrots!

[ Heheh. Ah, and they're getting along with making the batter...or getting to the batter stage as Red now pours it all together. ]

Do you wanna stir or me? Really beat it up!!
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What protests were in Red's throat upon the small hurricane of Wolfram's determined stayed lodged there when it was clear it was too late, and thus maybe one or a half of a pancake was lost in the great war that is this cooking show. And just how is this, you ask?

It's funny, is what it is, Red soon spitting out a laughter at it, and it's not such a loud one and he has the manners to turn it slightly away behind a hand, but it doesn't hide his giddy at all, and he doesn't look any less amused when he turns back to Wolfram. ]

You really showed that batter who's boss! You didn't have to go that far, but, [ here, he'll take the bowl if Wolfram will let him, or just the fork to give it a stir himself ] - yeah, this looks good!

[ A bubble of laughter vibrates off his throat, and he's moving the pan back over to the hob on low heat, and he gets the small bit of butter on the tip of spatula, since we're too lazy to grab something else. ] You need a little bit so the pancakes won't stick!

[ And he'll swirl it around at times, reaching for a ladle-like spoon to plonk in Wolfram's batter somewhere in that too. ]

I might make dinner tonight, so I can show you the place after we're done! You've inspired me. [ A pause, and then, oh, a bright idea-! ] How about we make a dinner together?
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[ Romantic.......Japanese dish.....?

.... ]

I know how to make onigiri. They're snack balls, but... oh, how about rice omelette!? I bet I can make it!

[ wow good thing he remembered that. ]
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[ RED IS GOING TO MAKE IT BECAUSE HE'S A CHAMP AND HE WON'T BACK DOWN!! He'll laugh a little at the noise, but he won't bring attention to it as he turns back to the pan. Alright, let's start pouring out the batter- ] Now we get to the cooking! I'll go first!

[ Just to show Wolfram the way he should swivel the mix around in the pan, then wait until it's been long enough to turn it over-- no, wait, a few more seconds?? A few more seconds!

Now gotta... be really careful... ]

Aha! [ SUCCESSFULLY FLIPPED OVER. ] See? That's why the butter's important!

[ Important pancake lesson, Wolfram, and we hope you were paying attention, since as soon as that pancake is ready to be moved onto a plate, Red will motion to Wolfram. ]

It's your turn! Just take it easy and it'll be fine!

[ You can do it, Wolfram!! ]
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[ !!! ]

Yeah!! You've got it! [ BRAVO, WOLFRAM. RED IS SO PROUD OF YOU RIGHT NOW. ] You're gonna be in a pro in no time! Make the next one too!

[ After this one is done, of course, but Wolfram is the one practising here. Are we going to have a pair of beautiful pancake-filled plates by the end of this...!? ]
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[ it's ok, Red is fine on allowing Wolfram to concentrate. It's nice!! The guy is really into it and Red can respect that.

He's even popping open the jam jar with that last pancake in place, the spoon ready to be stuck in. ]

They're easy, right? You should find out what Yuuri likes to make them even tastier. Some people like honey or lemons, or some like melted chocolate over them! You can get a really sweet cream too...

[ But they have jam, and Red plops a small spoonful onto the side of Wolfram's plate, while putting some on his own, too. ]

Give it a try! You can sprinkle some sugar on the top if you wanna make them extra sweet. [ With that, Red's turning his head towards the kitchen door: ] Xing, Xong, Tong! You want pancakes?!

[ No need to be loud, Red...!! For not a few seconds after he calls, the door swings open and a slimy looking gumdrop comes wiggling through, two other of the same kind squeaking complaints at their excitable brother for giving them away. Huffff!!!!

But they soon follow the other, who is bouncing up and down so high, he's beginning to reach up to Red's waist.

meet red's adopted sons, wolfram. ]
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They're porrings! [ No one cares about Wolfram's shocked and rude mouth, and Red would probably be putting them on display with that introduction if not for the fact he's grabbed his plate of pancakes, kneeling down to meet the most sloppery, excited of the three.

Except the other two are eyeing Wolfram like they're seen something unpleasant--oh right, they have. They do care about whatever this guy is saying, one of them bloating their mouths, then spitting a side of pink saliva to the side. Gotta problem, bud??? You wanna go??? ]

Play nice! [ Is the intervention from Red, and the pair don't seem to care to keep it up as they bounce haughtily over to Red, ready to take a pancake of their own after Red gives one whole to the first, who gobbles it down from above their heads.

gobble gobble gobble ]
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[ Better have a good hold on that fork Wolfram, since it might just near leave with the pancake if you don't. And don't think either it won't gobble up the kitchenware just to sure how cool and tough it is. Porrings will eat anything, and this one's got it's eye on you.

(aww, they're being friendly) ]

They belonged to a man I used to be close with, Lu Meng. He's the one who named them. [ Obviously, but the names are always an odd delight for Red, and as he feeds them the next few pancakes (there's not many, really, but he never intended to keep more than one for himself): ]

Xing, Tong, and Xiong. [ Xing is the one with the attitude, Tong the one acting Too Old For Any of This, and Xiong the one making bubbling happy noises, and coming over to Wolfram with a small bounce. Am I getting a pancake too? ]

Their bodies are like jelly and they can eat anything. They're messy sometimes, but they're good guys. Xing takes a while to warm up to people. [ But he is not against eating your food, buddy. ]

They don't look it but their stomachs are endless!
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[ Awwww....Xiong just wants to be friends...!!

But that's alright, Red will get them to stop fussing Wolfram by another them each another pancake, of course paying attention to Wolfram when he eats. And that conclusion? ]

Great! See? And you can make them any time! Cream and strawberries are really nice, so is chocolate melted over! With the flower festival coming up, I bet you can find edible flowers too, to add to it!

[ Candy flowers!! ]

You don't want to go overboard making them on the day though. [ Not saying Wolfram will, buuut- ] There's so much cake and food usually, you won't need to worry about going hungry. With the cake too, there's tables just for couples where you can get bites of the fanciest of them together!
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Wine? Uh...we have juice? [ Is he going to ask him about wines, does he look like he knows about wines (maybe there's a bottle in the fridge)- ]

What about the Arehtei? Was there something you wanna know?

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